Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Purple is not just for Barney

OK, I can admit that as a teenager, I was completely and utterly smitten with Donny Osmond. What a cutie pie he was! That hair. That smile. And SUCH a nice guy in every interview, every talk show, on American Bandstand, The Andy Williams Show and on "Donny and Marie." Now most people's teenage crushes fade away with time. I can fully admit, after this "season" of watching "Dancing with the Stars", I am still smitten with Donny. A true fan. He's adorable.

He's not the BEST ballroom dancer technically of this season, but man-oh-man, he is a good entertainer. His last dance tonight was just wonderful. A gazillion 50-year-old women are swooning tonight, I'm positive. He just made us all fall in love with him all over again. I've been faithfully tuning in all this season to watch his progression. Always a gentleman, always gracious, (compare to Mya, who spoke tonight about how hard her participation has been on her personal life. Boo Hoo. Whiner) always trying his best and really being hard on himself when he messed up, he has been a pleasure to watch all season. And only a true Osmond fan would realize that his signature color was worn nearly every dance - purple. I puts a grin on my face just thinking of it. When I mentioned it to my daughter she just rolled her eyes at me with that "oh Mom, how lame!" expression. Ah well. That argentine tango was so sexy it was eye popping. Wow.

When I was in about seventh grade (maybe eighth), I needed a new winter wool coat. Naturally the ONLY color I would consider was purple. To this day, I would count it among my favorite colors, particularly periwinkle, which is a purple-blue, a combo of BOTH my favorites. I actually remember that coat of mine though, along with some dark purple velvet bell bottoms and a sweater vest in that same shade. How funny we teens are with our crushes. When I pledged a sorority in college, imagine how delighted I was to find the house colors to be royal purple and white!

When I was in college and was dating my husband, I remember he told me he was taking me out for a surprise to a concert. I had NO idea what it was going to be. We went to a place (no longer there I don't think) called Mill Run Theater, which was in the round. Lo and Behold, it was the Osmond Brothers, featuring Donny and Marie. WHen the Osmonds were in their huge heyday in the early-mid 70s, my parents had never let me go to a concert, though I wanted to desperately, of course. THey called it Osmondmania at the time. So imagine how fun it was for me as a 21 year old to FINALLY see Donny in concert. And he was 22 at the time - really still a young guy and at the height of "Donny and Marie" fame. The concert was so great - that whole family is incredibly talented. At one point in the show the lights went out and a spotlight across the hall shone on Marie Osmond, up at the top of the audience tiers, directly across from us, singing..."I'm a little bit country..." Of course, everyone knows the next line. Boom - a spotlight goes on right next to me. John sat on the aisle, I was one in. Donny was RIGHT THERE next to us! "I'm a little bit rock and roll...." I didn't hear it over the PA system, I HEARD it right next to me. WOW. So exciting. And my, my, my was he handsome. Well...at 51 he STILL is handsome. I'll never forget that concert (or John, for taking me. :)

Over the years I have always liked "boy bands". It started in second grade with the Monkees. And the Beatles too I suppose - it was my era. But the Osmonds really were special. Last year I went on a cruise with my Daughter, Niece and a friend of my daughter's. One evening I was thrilled to see that the main entertainment on the ship was none other than Merrill Osmond (who was my second favorite, after Donny of course). My daughter (Jen) and her friend Trevor ended up going up on stage with Merrill that night - he did a little impromtu dance contest that Jen and Trev WON. So surreal to have my daugher onstage with an Osmond. It was almost too much - so thrilling for me in so many ways. And Merrill was terrific - still with that great voice.

Once a fan, always a fan. So, Donny, I faithfully voted - and hope you win tomorrow night. For the legions of Osmondmanics out here. Purple power forever!

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