Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Social Media

This will be short and (not so) sweet. I am extraordinarily sad today, and I think I need a Facebook break. I don't understand people who use it to brag, to bash others or to promote their agendas. We have enough mainstream media doing all of these things. To me, Facebook, My Space, etc are meant to connect, not dis-connect people.

I made a comment on a friend's "wall" after his posting and the various comments from his friends, one of which I agreed with. He slammed back at me with such vitriol for my difference of (political and religious) opinion I have no idea where it came from. All I know is right now I don't want much to do with him. There is an invite to his wedding on my desk, and I just don't think I'm going any more. I'm really saddened by this remarks and can't believe a friend would react in the way he did, unless he wasn't a friend in the first place. After 15 years believing he was a friend, it is a big blow.

Just because Facebook is a social media does not mean that people should post without any regard to social graces. What has happened with our society?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

After Effects

My son has gotten married. It was a wonderful wedding with a unique ceremony (as only he would have) and a really, really fun reception. I enjoyed the entire day, as did our whole family. It couldn't have been any better (unless it was a bit cooler outside - poor Ryan was sweating buckets in his tux.) Speeches were made, toasts given, dances performed, songs sung - just a great time. I hope he will remember it as fondly as I will as the years go on. Hard to forget the day your first born marries. I am happy for him and will miss him at the same time, because I know he now officially belongs to someone else. And she is a wonderful girl, so what more can a Mom ask for, really.

So much of my time the last weeks was wrapped up in that wedding I'm finding it difficult to reorient myself to the "real" world going on around me. News events, family drama, work committments - everything has sort of taken a back seat to the preparations leading up to Ryan's big day. Now I barely know what to do with myself. Well, that's not ENTIRELY true - I always have a significant "to do" list going. It's just a little hard to focus now that the big event is done.

I've been hanging out this week in the northwoods at our family cabin with my husband and his cousins, for the most part. A relaxing week was needed for BOTH of us, and I'm glad that he ended up taking the time to be here all week with me. It's been a good time with great weather up to now (it's storming as I write). So I'm a bit sunkissed and a little tired - all in a good way this evening. My puppy is even tired - which is a VERY good thing tonight.

And so it is that I enter the next chapter of my life both literally and figuratively. While here I have gotten some background information about a local island and its colorful owners- the setting for a story I have been cooking up and playing at writing for some time. The fresh information has renewed my enthusiasm for writing and so it is that I'm blogging again and giving serious consideration to becoming what it is I've always SAID I wanted to do - become an author of fiction. And maybe a little history too - the real history of Denby Island is as interesting it turns out as what I have been dreaming up. Oh the lives people lead!

After a week of lounging around, eating more than I should and soaking up the sun and the lake, it's nearly time to head home and begin anew my day to day life. I think now I am going to schedule in the time to write each day - if only for an hour. Even if I have to get up an hour earlier to do it, I think I owe this to myself.

Life goes on. My son has moved on, and so now will I. Time to turn the page.