Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Social Media

This will be short and (not so) sweet. I am extraordinarily sad today, and I think I need a Facebook break. I don't understand people who use it to brag, to bash others or to promote their agendas. We have enough mainstream media doing all of these things. To me, Facebook, My Space, etc are meant to connect, not dis-connect people.

I made a comment on a friend's "wall" after his posting and the various comments from his friends, one of which I agreed with. He slammed back at me with such vitriol for my difference of (political and religious) opinion I have no idea where it came from. All I know is right now I don't want much to do with him. There is an invite to his wedding on my desk, and I just don't think I'm going any more. I'm really saddened by this remarks and can't believe a friend would react in the way he did, unless he wasn't a friend in the first place. After 15 years believing he was a friend, it is a big blow.

Just because Facebook is a social media does not mean that people should post without any regard to social graces. What has happened with our society?

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