Monday, December 7, 2009

Never Enough

I enjoy doing things for my kids, who are now in their 20s. I have always enjoyed it. I like giving them gifts, or finding the perfect Christmas present(s). It's fun having them hug me when they get that longed-for purse or hoped-for concert tickets. It does feel good to give to others. To a point. I don't expect anything back from my kids, really, except sincere gratitude. And maybe a phone call every once in a while just to say hello and not ask for a favor, cash, or to babysit the dog.

And to be honest, maybe I DO expect things back. I secretly (well, I'm blogging, so how secret this is might be a stretch to say...) wish that my daughter would volunteer to do laundry, or the dishes, or to take something UP the stairs that is sitting at the bottom waiting for the next person going in that direction. Or taking something downstairs that is piled on the butler's pantry awaiting the trip down. Or maybe asking me what show I'd like to watch on TV before clicking right to their show ahead of the one they knew I wanted to see. I'd like either one of them to follow up on help they promised me for one or another task. The lights are STILL on not my living room tree, my daughter having promised the help days ago after I did something for her. But I noticed a new pile of her clothes in the laundry room. Mind you, not in the actual baskets, just dumped on the floor unceremoniously.

So I think I may be done with the gifts. For awhile anyway. A new experiment. An no more favors unless what Iwant done comes FIRST. Payment made BEFORE service is rendered, just like retail. You don't get it unless you pay for it. Whether that be cash or in chores or even in attitude. And I am done with the expectation that Mom and Dad are a bottomless pit of cash. TIme to man up, kids. Time to get pushed from the nest and go it alone.

Grrr. I don't like being taken advantage of. Particularly by my own family. I am thinking a new era is upon us, though. No more Mrs. Nice Guy. No more free lunch. No more, no more. I ain't takin it NO more, as they say.

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