Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am away on "vacation" and find myself in the lousy predicament of being quite sick. Last night was spent coughing uncontrollably so much so that today I am sore in my chest for all the hacking away I did. Every time I lie down the phlem seems to move around and cause more coughing attacks. Now I'm wondering if maybe I don't have some pneumonia. Should I stay here and rest more or go home tomorrow? Not sure what to do and tomorrow is New Year's Eve - so the best of the world's drivers will NOT be on the road tomorrow. And I think there has been a goodly snow fall closer to home today too. Augh.

I should know better. I say this because in the days leading up to Christmas I knew I was getting run down - I felt it. Drama with my brother caused me to loose sleep, and with preparing for the holidays I just ended up running my resistance into the ground. It happens nearly every holiday season. There just ends up being so much to get done and I seem to be the only person who A) cares about family holiday tradition and the time it takes to get things like kolacky done, and B) will actually work until I drop every night to get things done - the wrapping, baking, cooking, shopping, decorating, etc. And all the while doing the other things I have to do like taking my mother in law for her pain shots (which takes a whole day) and lately counseling half the family with their own problems. I seem to have become the family psychologist, much to my dismay, actually. At any rate, it's all just added up to being TOO MUCH for my system.

It's now a day or so later. I have managed to get home, thanks to my daughter driving (though she complained of my near constant coughing.) I hope she doesn't get sick herself, actually. I'm happy to be back, even though I love the northwoods. Didn't really get to enjoy them much this time, having spent the majority of the time in my bedroom. The next few days I plan to really just putter around and rest at home. There is a million things to do, yes. And I could pressure myself to get everything done immediately. But it's a new year, and I need to take care of my health. No time like the present.

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