Friday, December 4, 2009

Potato / Po-Tah-Toe

Why is it that our elected officials cannot get along, let alone cooperate on issues for the common good? Are they so intent on just being reelected that they can't make hard decisions? Where is the leadership in this country? Honestly, since Reagan, there hasn't been one president that really had a vision himself. Not one has inspired. Oh, the Obamamaniacs out there would argue that he is inspiring. What, because of his race? I believe a person should be judged on their words and more importantly, deeds, not on color or affliation. He hasn't done a thing yet in office that hasn't been about following his party line, or following polls. The guy has no real voice of his own. We are in trouble, people! We need leadership!

In the running health care debate in particular, both sides of the aisle are waving their banners and making their accusations, and no one is considering the common good or the future of this country and the ideals on which it was founded. These days, I don't trust ANY politician, or really anyone looking to hold public office. It just isn't about serving the people any more. I don't think any elected official of our government should be allowed to serve any more than one term in office. Then maybe politics would attract individuals who really wanted to serve our common interests and not be worrying about keeping their job. It would be more like a conservatorship. Like the Supreme Court aligns legal decisions with our constitution, so should any bill or piece of legislation be drawn in congruance with those ideals too. To serve the common good and the future of our country.

Election cycles should not begin any more than six months before the election. Period. I for one get sick to death of enless debates, commercials and lawn signage that outlasts whole seasons. Who can or wants to keep up? It's why people are cynical and disinterested. It's all TOO MUCH. Shortening the cycle of election would focus campaigns into real issues and getting a point of view across in a succinct manner. It would create real leaders, not just party figureheads. And no single campaign should have any more money than another. There should be a cap on how much can be spent on a campaign, at each level of government. That way the money would be spread out and huge donations by special interests wouldn't make as much sense. The amount of money thrown at campaigns is hideous and shameful. Imagine the good that cash could do if thrown at charities that really need the help and are doing the hard work of serving people?

Maybe the labels of liberal, Democrat, conservative, Republican, libertarian, etc don't serve us at all. There are compassionate Republicans, no matter what the ultra liberal leaners think! I'm one of them. Just as there are lots of Democrats who are high wage-earning, hard workers and not deadbeats who don't want to work and expect handouts. It's not whether or not you are rich or poor or in-between. It's what you believe and stand for that counts. Words that match deeds. Putting money where your mouth is, so to speak. The tenats of each party are so muddled now anyway. How about being humanist? Working to serve humanity and not self or party. This is what is utterly lacking in our government and elected officiate.

What our government should and can do is set rules (a framework) under which business should operate in order to serve the people. It should not try to RUN those businesses, whether they be banks, investment houses or health care. That is a recipe for waste and skewing interests to one group or another. Private industry is what sets us apart. It's what drives our economy. Taking from the private sector does not serve anyone. It will cripple us. Allowing private sector competition to drive business will create jobs, drive our economy and keep us moving forward.

Having government come in and run or dictate how a business spends its money will lead to a whole lot of future woes. You can't redistribute wealth. Castro tried that, remember? My boss in Miami remembers "government" coming in and forcefully taking the things his family worked for generations to acquire. Certainly that did not end up in the hands of the poor. The same will be true of us if we keep leaning on the business owners and people who have worked to earn their money.

Freedom and personal responsibility. Free trade and commerce. Serving the ideals our founding fathers set up in our consitutuion. These are the things I beleive in. NOT that government protect us from ourselves by taking basic freedoms away from us and running every aspect of our lives, including dictating what kind, how much and what to pay for our health care. Republican. Democrat. All the same. Party interests are self-serving and do not take our freedoms into consideration. We need a leader. We need a hero to jar the electorate into seeing just what is becoming of us. You have to be out there somewhere. Come out, come out, wherever you are. We need you, whoever you are.

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